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Prison Without Bars, Forgiveness Holds the Key

Prison Without Bars

Deb's book, "Prison Without Bars; Forgiveness Holds the Key", earned her #1 International Best Selling Author on Amazon.

This book is an inspiring true life story of one courageous woman’s journey of adversity and triumph. It will be as if you are reliving the events in Debs’ life, that in the beginning, left her believing that she was not worthy to exist on this earth, nearly costing her, her life. You will experience her emotional roller coaster, and in the end you will discover how she overcame these obstacles, becoming the woman she is today. The lessons you learn will help you develop yourself to be successful and expand your outlook in all areas of your life.

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She has three new books being released in 2018:

"Close and Grow, Top Secrets to Really Nail the Close!"

Learn the 3 Phases of Closing Business!  What you need to know before the sales, how to position the sale, and how to close the sale!

“Shut Up and Listen, Top 5 Lessons for Business Success”

Learn the listening techniques to close any prospect!  Once you know their personality, you've got them in your snare!  

“Questioning for Results, 9 Steps to Increase your Business”

As a certified Sales Trainer, knowing the right questions to ask your prospect based on their role in the organization is critical.

You will learn all the tips and tricks to close business and upsell your clients!

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Success Stories
Deb is detail oriented, full of energy and always committed to getting the job done

"Not only have I had the pleasure of working with Deb, but knowing her personally for numerous years. Besides being a pleasure to be around, Deb is detail oriented, full of energy and always committed to getting the job done. Her professionalism, combined with her enthusiasm, is remarkable. I can only hope to work with Deb again in the future." 

Mindy Hobbs,  Independent Contractor: Sales and Marketing