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LearnHow to Close More Business in 2018!

Mastery Class


Get Ready... Get Set... Grow!

Investment:  $49 ($397 value)

Kick off 2018 preparing for the growth your business deserves!  Invest 2 hours, PLUS a 30-minute one-on-one call, and walk away with the secret sauce you need to grow your business with the “CLOSE AND GROW” Program!

My passion is to make sure you are successful! I created my program because I have found over my 30 years of sales and training experience that most people struggle when asking for the business. I’ve seen companies fail and entrepreneurs give up and it broke my heart. This is why I am inviting you to my two-hour Mastery class.  If you….

  • Struggle knowing when and how to ask for the business
  • Don’t have the right systems in place for growth
  • Don’t have a strong sales and marketing plan
  • Treat your business as a hobby
  • Lack self-confidence

 then this class is for you!  This two-hour Mastery Class will help you to…

  • Get READY - Find YOUR way of selling and understand your communication style
  • Get SET - Change what’s causing you to treat your business like a “hobby”, identify your FAB, and learn the four techniques of listening to close business!
  • GROW – Learn how to KNOW what you’re worth, how to ASK for what you’re worth, and how to GET what your worth! Create a value proposition which will CLOSE more business resulting in more GROWTH for your business. 

    Date:  May 22, 2018        Time:  10:00-12:00 mst        Location:  Zoom

    Investment:   $49

    Deb Deaton


    Success Stories
    Deb is detail oriented, full of energy and always committed to getting the job done

    "Not only have I had the pleasure of working with Deb, but knowing her personally for numerous years. Besides being a pleasure to be around, Deb is detail oriented, full of energy and always committed to getting the job done. Her professionalism, combined with her enthusiasm, is remarkable. I can only hope to work with Deb again in the future." 

    Mindy Hobbs,  Independent Contractor: Sales and Marketing