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What is Close and Grow?

Growing Your Business Starts Here! You must have a foundation before you can build a house, right?

It’s essentially the same principle in business!



What's it all about?

To grow your business, you have to close business! Why is this easier for some but not others? Because people who have high closing rates have taken the time to develop the foundational relationship necessary to understand the needs and buying/negotiating style of their client. This program will reveal the steps that will remove the mystery of having your clients say yes to your services and solutions.

What will you get?

Not only will you learn proven sales/closing techniques to grow your business, you will understand the difference between hearing and listening, selling and solving, and delivering your message based on how the client needs to hear it!

What’s the result?

These programs are proven! We’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies, implementing sales systems and programs that increase revenues and closing ratios!


Get Ready, Get Set, Grow Your Business!

Top Secrets To Really Nail The Close

You will walk away with a customized sales plan catered to your target audience, outlining your solutions/services to close business. This will result in reduced turnover of staff as well as an increase in closing ratio’s, ultimately leading to increased revenue!


Success Stories
A person of remarkable talent, skill and grace!

"Deb is one of the most eloquent, passionate and influential people I have ever known. Her accomplishments, work ethic and technical abilities combined total a person of remarkable talent, skill and grace!" 

Carey Ungvary,  Facilitator, Certified Mediator/Arbitrator "I Guide, You Decide"; Freelance Salsa Dance Instructor for Beginners